Hair Styles Videos

  • Cropped MoviesShort Haircut Movies.

    Some people are first-timers at this length. Chopping or cutting your prized tresses back so severely can be a huge leap into the unknown. Be sure it’s done correctly by doing your homework. Research goes a long way.

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  • Movies for Medium LengthMovies for Medium Length

    Some regard mid-length as no-mans-land, a period to be endured before the destination is reached. Others see it as the best of both worlds, possessing all the positives of the extremes minus the enevitable hassles.

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  • Videos Featuring Longer Hair.Long Tresses Instructional VTs

    These videos show many examples of fun things to do when blessed with long locks. Including crossover ponies, waterfall/ladder braids, beach waves and several heatless examples protecting delicate strands.

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  • Tips for MenMen's Haircut Movies

    Videos are super-handy, they explain issues easily where words and picture fail. A receding hairline is something almost all men will face at some time, Andrew Carruthers from Sam Villa shows us some tips for styling.

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Movie Format Tutorials


Lots of different things in life can’t be explained easily through the written word. Pictures are useful and moving pictures are even more informative, explaining points in intricate detail taking seconds on issues that would require pages of written content.

These movies will instruct you on all the best ways to wear tresses, and all the best ways to achieve that finish. The pleasing ability to pause the video playback and play-by-play ensure not a single strand is out of line with these styles, trends, and ideas.

Look your best and nail each and every design, whether you’re figuring out charming ways to wear your mane short, interesting ways to wear your locks at middle length, or beautiful ways to wear your tresses long.

If you’re male, no need to feel excluded, we have examples revolving around men’s hairstyles. Take a browse through these four categories to find your happy.

Browse these quick and accessible videos to see exactly what it is you should and should not be doing with your treasured locks and tresses. Using the videos on this website you can ensure the perfect choices are being made, no matter what.

Short styles can be fickle masters, so have these tutorials help you along. So many options when you’re medium length or possess long tresses. These videos will set you up with many examples of fun things to do, whether it’s a once-in-a-while idea or a daily habit, these videos will help.