Updos, Twists and Buns for the Prom.

18 Nov 2015

  • Calling women blessed by long flowing locks, this gallery was specifically assembled for you. Prom is one of the most important social nights of any young woman’s life and prom equals updos, right? She needs the perfect hairstyle to go with her amazing dress. These soft and beautiful hairstyles are available for a variety of hair types, utilizing long hair’s natural volume and movement to create these beautiful, soft and sexy styles for every young lady on her special night.

    Beauty is art. What’s the driving force behind art? Innovation. Sculpting with tresses is no different. Since the advent of YouTube and social media, video tutorials have circulated pushing the bar higher and higher. Evolution often causes mutation and some of the offshoots you see doing the rounds are just that, far over the top. We applaud people testing new ground, that’s what keeps fashions fresh. Just don’t overstretch yourself reaching for the unobtainable.

    Classic chignons can be transformed into many variations, the base is a loose gathering at the back and can be high or low to the nape or as a slight quirk, to one side. Intricate loops and twirls can adorn the outer edges.

    Dark Prom StyleBlonde UpdoSide Bun





    Buns can be augmented using a similar approach to chignons as they’re technically analogous. Try a victory roll as an alternative element or in addition but be careful not to let it get too busy. Piling several loose rolls at the crown generates an inventive effect or the sloppy beehive below is worth consideration.

    Bride with an UpdoElaborate Updo.Wispy Curls

    You’ll have poured hours of effort into choosing the perfect fabulous dress, top it off with the perfect hairstyle, be it soft, sweet and feminine or a racier, sexy and rock ‘n roll vibe, Keep face framing wispy, curly sections in your arsenal they take a mundane, ordinary style and transforms it into something special.



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