Lengthier Locks to Give You an Edge.

12 Jan 2016

  • Change your look without resorting to the scissors. Today’s trends are all about bangs, layering and enhancing natural volume and body so you can achieve any effect for any day of the week. Whether you are a professional woman or just ready to rock ‘n roll with a night out on the town with the girls. Long locks offer the most extraordinary volume, movement, and opportunities that any other length simply cannot provide.

    Straight Long Bobs.

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    Showcase an extensive variety of long coiffures. They’re voluminous, move beautifully, are tall, layered and so much more, ideal for every woman of every taste. All it takes is a regime of practice to achieve. Easily change the part or create a jagged, stepped part. Bangs enhance your natural femininity or make your look a bit harder or professional. Experimentation is always fun, you can completely redesign your locks based on any whim. Showing out with long tresses, you’re sure to be among the sexiest and most beautiful women in any room. Long is incredibly sexy, regardless of the latest trends.

    A Few Curls.

    Healthy Curly Hair. Beautiful lady in red dress pose on wooden background.Woman with coffee in morning





    Creates nightmares for even the most diligent of women because it’s continually unruly despite your best efforts. However, if you nail these professional designs for long, curls and waves you’ll uncover a unique and remarkable new countenance. Designed to be as easy to care for and achieve as is humanly possible, providing you maximum volume and movement, enhancing your natural curls. To throw in some extra spice, consider highlights, using color in conjunction with proper styling products ensures your curls are clear, defined and bouncy, not frizzy.

    We admit we extol the virtues of other lengths in other sections. Short Gives you more time in the morning, shoulder-length is more time consuming, but long is the real prize. We all grew up with fairy tales, we know they’re not real but we keep a little bit of them in our hearts.


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