Hairstyles for the Five Main Face Shapes.

07 Jun 2016

  • Some examples of face shapes.

    Ever gotten a haircut you thought would look great, only to find once everything was said and done, it wasn’t exactly the cutest ever? “How’d this happen?” You inquire of the pesky Fashion Fairies. It certainly looked fantastic on the model I found on the internet, same color and everything! The most reasonable explanation available is the finish didn’t match your face shape. How do you know what the shape of your face even is? Here’s a brief explanation.

    Five Main Categories

    Generally speaking, most facial shapes fit five main categories. Oval, long, heart, square, and round. Each has do’s and don’ts and far-reaching implications for hair and fashion alike. Let’s consider how you should and shouldn’t wear your precious locks with each. Which type do you have? Keep reading to discover what applicable cut suits which shape.


    A heart-shaped face is significantly widest at forehead level. Your chin may be rather triangular. Perhaps throughout your lifetime, you’ve been teased for a “fivehead”. Don’t heed the silly bullying, icons like Rihanna, Rachel McAdams, and Jennifer Garner haven’t. Literally, everyone is ridiculed for something. The dimensions generate a more mature appearance, try some very interesting ideas that might not work on other people. It really just means your forehead is bigger up top than at the bottom. Although it’s lovely, there’s room for improvement. Long, side-swept bangs are strongly recommended, they coax the more beautiful aspects out to shine. Having length reaching your shoulders and beyond is also worth trying. However, depending on your specific facial shape, there are bucketfuls that you wear successfully. One facial shape you can enjoy experimenting with, discuss it with the stylist and explore new possibilities.


    Round faced people often have the fortune to seem younger. If you’re lucky in this way, you might even get carded every time you venture out drinking alcohol. This outline is generally versatile and will combine with many examples. The real question is whether you compliment your facial shape and aim for a cute glow, or choose to combat it. Either is plausible and both should produce excellent results if done correctly. Introducing a round outline to a severe crop is asking for trouble, Much above chin level and there’s nothing to offset the width. Layers and soft waves often cultivate the desired effect. If you stray too far into curly-territory, prepare to look like Shirley Temple. There are some days when that sounds like a great idea but it’s not exactly first date or high profile job interview material. As far as bangs go, you generally want them long, past the eyes, and floating somewhere around your cheekbone. Grow your bangs a touch too long and train them around the eyebrows framing the silhouette.


    Square faces are common amongst famous models. The kind who evolve into actresses, such as Megan Fox. The most notable characteristic of square shaped faces are hard, angular jawlines. A powerful finish that many women envy. It can be a little masculine, although this isn’t particularly always a terrible thing, it’s tough getting teased for boyish looks in your younger years. Exact revenge on the bullies by sporting fantastic cheekbones. Very girly or feminine designs suit the outline, feathery wisps on mid-length locks would be perfect. Grow it fantastically long, so many options accompany length. Experiment with buns, or grow yourself giant flowing waves, a personal favorite. Pretty versatile for bangs, side bangs are ideal.


    The oval face is considered the yardstick by which others are judged and compared. Pretty much every haircut works and the aim of designs on other silhouettes should be to persuade the eyes of onlookers that you’re an oval. Oval is the ideal, the geometric ratio that our brains are coded to register as ideal. Case in point: Rachel from Friends, Jennifer Aniston sports an oval face, Rachel obviously had the eponymous “Rachel cut” but developed a multitude of different designs whereas Monica and Pheobe tended to stick to what they knew (unless you count the Demi/Dudley Moore episode). Changing frequently keeps it interesting but the world is your oyster.


    “A horse walks into a bar…” You’ve heard the joke. A score-or-miss starting point, getting it correct results in absolutely gorgeous, model-like even. Without doing your research, your haircut won’t work favorably. Although it’s a beautiful shape, it’s not uncommon to hear those blessed or inflicted complaining constantly, it’s the least versatile shape. The main goal for long faces is creating width, easily achieved using tight curls and shorter hair. It’s recommended you never go past shoulder-length unless you’re planning on doing enough curls to lift it significantly. Bangs also work well, as they create a shortening effect by sitting in front. Part to the side, parting in the middle produces too much symmetry, seeming solemn. You may possess the pickiest facial outline but not the worst.

    Whatever your silhouette there’s a style that’ll smooth away any negatives and extenuate the positives.





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