Short Hair Gallery

  • short hairstyles with bangsPixies & Styles with Bangs .

    Everybody loves bangs. Check out our gallery with pictures of the most delightful crops sporting a fringe. Wispy, blunt or choppy, whatever flavor the leading edge arrives in it's ideal for face framing.

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  • Short Bob Haircuts.Bobs - Layered and Parted.

    Fashionable close neat bobs to pretty layers and statement partings. Blow the opposition away with a good professional bob and take aspects to another level if the opportunity arises and occasion requires.

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  • Short and Curly.Curly, Wavy and Permed Styles.

    Great for creating volume. See how curls or waves can amplify and lift. Here you'll discover an amazing array of curls, waves, volume and more. Snap some lift into your trimmed locks and life into your roots.

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  • Prom Styles for Short Hair.Prom, Wedding, Formal and Updos.

    Difficult to find a suitable design when you're limited lengthwise? Let your imagination run wild because you're sure to find perfection for your once-in-a-lifetime prom, wedding or other formal event.

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Short Hairstyles for Women

Women’s short hairstyles are bold, brave and beautiful. Generally easier to maintain, they can be switched up with less hassle when it comes to playing with colors and texture.

From crisp bobs to softer pixies, trimmed haircuts make strong fashion statements in thier own right. There are many unique styles for women with cropped locks, from relaxed everyday looks to vibrant fashion-led feels.

Find all the motivation you need right here, from celebrity inspiration to the latest hints and tips over on our blog. We’re dedicated to bringing you endless adventurous possibilities and the latest ideas for chopped coiffures.

Our video tutorials for short hairstyles will walk you through what’s hot at the moment, while our extensive galleries provide plenty of pictures to get your creative juices flowing, helping you to decide the best choice for you.

Start your journey here and never glance back over your shoulder.

Scarlett with Colored Bangs.

Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Cropped haircuts for fine or thinning hair. Fine strands are often a bane for anybody, men included, but men have the advantage of a more forgiving set of possibilities.

Short is the most adaptable length for ladies wanting to get from under the cloud of fine or thinning locks.

Longer lengths tend to weigh it down and make it seem flat and lifeless. Also this type often comes with the added bonus of being oily or combination which become problematic with more length. Volume is your best friend, keep it at a maximum with layers and choppy, feathered ends.

Natalie Imbruglia

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Styles for thick or coarse hair come with their own special problems. Using a good heavy conditioner can relieve some of the symptoms of women’s thick coarse hair, also try a silicone based serum, they have their drawbacks but if any build-up is managed correctly, they can make all the difference.

Cute short bob hairstyles should suit ladies with thick hair over any other length as the volume is much reduced.

Also, the keratin closer to the root is the newest so normally the most healthy so is less prone to splitting and breakage.


Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Grab life by the short and curlies. Curls equal volume on shorter locks, they can be loose or tight and everything in between.

The fashion you style it in can often depend on your face shape, longer faces will tolerate volume at the sides, whereas rounder faces need it up top.

Curls can be natural or they can be applied via the perming process, if you chose to have them, you can work them into your personal style, if you were born with them then you have to take your chances.

Evan Rachel Wood.

Short wavy hairstyles

Ride the short wavy hairstyles. Just like their more extreme counterparts the curls, waves can produce volume. Unlike curls, they can be dealt with or applied without resorting to desperate measures.

Straighteners or curling tongs will produce the desired effect either way you want, just add a touch of artistic flair and you’ll impress your audience without doubt.

Ginnifer's Dark Pixie.

Short hairstyles for round faces

Short tresses are ideal for round faces. An oval face is seen as the ideal shape, not because it has any inherent advantages but just because it’s how our brains are wired up.

There is a golden ratio that catches our eye which is about 1:1.6, width:height.

If your face shape deviates from that, it’s best to create the illusion that it looks more oval. So in the case of round face shapes, volume on top stretches the appearance of a rounder face.