Videos for Men

The Videos below jump off the page in a small window, enlarge and control as normal once the play button is clicked. First, a montage of more picture ideas for men in a slideshow. We know there are hundreds of pictures in the main galleries and blog but here are some more in a slideshow format just in case. A receding hairline is something almost all men will face at some time in their lives, Andrew Carruthers from Sam Villa shows us some tips for styling one in the second video. The third featured video is a study of the differences in male beauty standards around the world and in different countries. The others include a look at twenty male fade cuts, some buns for those with longer hair and some ideas for when you’re in a rush. Always do as much ground work as you can before you take the plunge. Guy’s are often guilty of lack of planning, you have to admit. We suppose you always have the option to get the clippers out if the worst case scenario occurs, something most girls won’t contemplate. However, it’s always nice to get things right the first time so do your homework, research everything you can, own a great haircut, and bask in the glory of a cool finish.

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