Medium Hair Gallery

  • Medium Length with Bangs.Bangs (fringe) on Mid Length Hair

    Pictures of shoulder length examples with bangs, including side-sweeps and other fringed designs. Perhaps the ideal length, providing extraordinary opportunities for updos, flares, spiking and more.

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  • Mid BobsBobs - Layered or not

    Bobs and mid-length tresses multiply the scope for innovation, producing a range of exciting possibilities. A-line, inverted, stacked, choppy, asymmetrical and pageboy all belong in this broad category.

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  • Curls ForeverCurls & Waves.

    Inject some precious panache with curls, waves, and perms. Take your hands off the straighteners, totally ignore them, we're traveling on the curly road today. Ride the waves to a sparkly fresh feeling.

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  • Medium PromProm, wedding, formal and updos

    Now you can gather enough to build an updo and delight onlookers with your prowess on a formal vibe. Chignons, braids, beehives and buns were merely pipe dreams until it grew past a certain point.

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Medium hairstyles for women

Women’s medium length hairstyles are the flexible middle ground. It has all the youthful vitality of a crop but reaching between your chin and shoulders it removes the negatives of anything longer.

The extra length means you can accomplish styles like ponytails and elegant buns without needing to deal with excessive tangles.

Open up a world of possibilities with a splash of compromise and save yourself a brush full of stress and heartache. Intermediate-length can be a stopping off point or a destination.

If your intention is to eventually arrive in long town you may decide to skip the arduous process entirely. Revel in the multitude of possibilities of bobs, lobs, width, volume, body, and bangs, maybe even combine some elements getting something totally different yet workable.

Our gallery offers hundreds of pictures and examples, as well as articles and how-tos. Keep up to date with everything medium-length, or simply take a quick browse.

Remember to check back, as we have new articles and pictures which are updated frequently for you to consider and enjoy. Regardless of whether you want a soft, easy finish, or something more voluminous and vibrant.

A touch of time, imagination and practice can create natural volume as well as enhanced body and movement, creating warm, soft and feminine looks for any occasion. You can also escalate your cut using bangs and layering, which intensifies height and body.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Fine or Thinning Hair

Downton Abbey Star.

Volume is the key attribute for a successful mid-length style on fine or thinning hair. Here are nine ways you can achieve volume.

– Keep it short, less hair equals less weight so more lift.

– Back-combing. Old school but works.

– Mid-point curls or waves provide texture.

– Coloring roughens the hair cuticle making each strand thicker.

– Blow dry upside down and/or drying while lifting at the roots.

– Waves and curls.

– Light layering at the crown, feathering and choppy ends.

– Volumizing Shampoo.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Medium Pulled Back Hair.

Thick hair, as you would expect, has the opposite styling issues from fine or thinning locks. Thick hair can be coarse and unmalleable, start by getting the basics right, a mild, cleansing shampoo combined with a strong conditioner with a low pH will make the cuticle lay flat with fewer tangles.

Cheap combs and brushes can have tiny sharp edges that will strip your strands, ensure your locks are protected from this by using a quality comb or brush that has been specifically made to avoid sharp edges.

Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs


Bangs (or a fringe as everyone outside the United States of America calls them) are a quintessential part of mid-length hairstyles.

Shorter styles often have bangs but they usually blend into the overall length whereas longer lengths have other features to attract the eye. Make them choppy, feathered, asymmetrical or any of the multitude of ways to finish off your bangs.

Medium Curly Hairstyles


Curls and waves are more features that are ideally suited to mid-length hair, any longer and the weight of the hair could limit what you’re trying to achieve, any shorter and there’s less to work with.

Medium hairstyles 2019

There are many celebrities sporting this sort of length in 2019, A-listers are making use of the  versatility and the fact that medium length hair is so easy to live with. Celebs such as Elizabeth Banks, Emma Stone and Taylor Swift have lived the mid-length life recently.